Lieblich - Moser advocates is one of Israel's veteran law firms, specializes in media law, intellectual property and libel law

About Lieblich - Moser

Lieblich-Moser was founded in 1962 and is one of Israel’s veteran law firms and the country’s leading legal specialists in representing the media, with its outstanding expertise in claims concerning freedom of expression. The firm has extensive experience in the area of media law and Intellectual Property and has earned a major reputation in libel suits and additional fields such as: protection of privacy, prohibiting publication, freedom of information, censorship, copyright, Internet law and class  actions, civil matters, in criminal defense litigation,

in legal support of the legislation process, and before Knesset committees.Since its activities began in the 1960s, the firm has represented publishers, newspapers and journalists, in suits and legal consultations in media matters. In the past decade, the firm is an active leader in the electronic communications and on-line media law market. Among the firm’s clients are leading daily newspapers, large chains of local newspapers, Israel’s largest communications organizations, TV channel franchise

holders, leading Internet sites, publishers, book producers, writers and artists who the firm represents in.

The firm also provides a “one stop shop” for legal services under the civil and commercial law, commercial litigation, real estate, torts, labor law and more. As part of its range of activities, Lieblich-Moser represents large commercial enterprises in Israel and abroad, construction and insurance companies, health funds, public figures and key people in politics and the economy