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Tal Liebllich, Adv.

Senior partner



Contact: tlieb@lm-adv.co.il

Shlomo Lieblich (1926-2001) was a pioneer in Media law in Israel.


Adv. Lieblich was involved in shaping Israel's legal milestones in Media law, as well as rulings that apply to this very day.


Adv. Lieblich was notorious for his determined style and character. He fought relentless and uncompromising legal battles for the firm's clients, for freedom of speech and freedom of the press.


He was later joined by Adv. Mibi Moser and together they founded the firm.

Mibi Moser, Adv.

Senior partner and founder, Notary

Contact: lm@lm-adv.co.il

Mibi Moser, Adv. Senior partner and founder, Notary

Tamir Gluck, Adv.

Senior partner



Contact: gluck@lm-adv.co.il

Shira Brik-Haimovich, Adv.

Junior partner



Contact: sbrik@lm-adv.co.il

Yaron Hanin, Adv.

Junior partner



Contact: yhanin@lm-adv.co.il

Einat Berg-Segal, Adv.



Contact: esegal@lm-adv.co.il

Hagay Hochhauzer, Adv.




Contact: hagay@lm-adv.co.il

Reut Freidenreich, Adv.




Contact: reut@lm-adv.co.il

Paz Moser, Adv.

Senior partner



Contact: lm@lm-adv.co.il

Omer Ziv Ashkar, Adv.

Junior partner, Notary



Contact: oashkar@lm-adv.co.il

Yaron Shalmy, Adv.




Contact: yshalmy@lm-adv.co.il

Gilad Boidek, Adv.




Contact: gilad@lm-adv.co.il

Michal Netzer, Adv.




Contact: mnetzer@lm-adv.co.il

Amir Perlis, Adv.




Contact: amir@lm-adv.co.il

Shachar Shtern, Adv.




Contact: shachar@lm-adv.co.il

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